How Is Ur In Made?

First, our Secret Formula is filtered through an all-natural cluster filtration system. From there, it is stored in a 100% organic bio-container where we let it steep at a precise 98.6 degrees, sometimes for up to 12 hours! Finally, we break the seal and let the concentrated stream of Ur In flow into our specialized containers, to send them straight to your door!

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"I've been applying science to help people since I was an infant, and in all my years of making professional, scientific statements, I have never seen a product so great at being the best product in production."

- Dr. Scientist

"Everyone knows being a mom is tough. Sometimes it's like my little Agnes isn't even listening to me. Ur In helps me shower my daughter with the affection she deserves."

- Vicki G.

"I was stuck at a dead end job and facing foreclosure. Ever since I started using Ur In, I've been paddling down a golden stream of success. Ur In gave me the confidence I needed to succeed."

- Eric S.

"I smoked 97 cigarettes a day. But now thanks to Ur In, quitting has been a whiz! I no longer have to worry about smelling like crap, instead I smell like Ur In!"

- Josh D.